NBA Sticker & Card Collection 2021-22

The official and exclusive sticker and card collection of the NBA 2021-22 is here!

What’s in?

•    The collection will include 500 stickers and 100 trading cards!
    - Search for 100 special foil stickers!
•    Each of the NBA’s 30 teams will be featured on its own spread of two color pages, where collectors can place the stickers of the team's main players.
    - Each Team Spread will include 13 stickers.
    - Look for one special “big-head” style player illustration sticker per team!
•    One page celebrating the NBA’s 2020-21 season award winners.
•    Three pages dedicated to the 2021 NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta
•    Full recap of the 2021 NBA Playoffs as well as the 2021 NBA Finals
•    Collect the first stickers and rookie cards of the most impactful rookies selected in the 2021 NBA Draft!
•    The trading card set will include 80 of the best NBA veterans and 20 of the most collectible 2021-22 rookies.

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